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Our Vision / Our Mission

The Renacer Foundation has been established to promote the common good and improve the quality of life and communal or social wellbeing with the aim of advancing integral care of the family, recognising it as the essential core of society.  We advocate protection especially for the aged in conditions of vulnerability and risk, children and single mothers.

We take particular care and diligence in forming, planning, assessing and implementing educational programmes of a preventative nature.

General Objectives

The Renacer Foundation’s aim is to make Colombian people aware of the necessity of the family unit and protection of the fundamental rights of the aged, minors and women, especially those who are single mothers and particularly those most in need due to physical frailty, mental health issues, abandonment, poverty or social rejection due to race, religion, sexual orientation etc.  We aim to provide a personalised comprehensive care service aligned to the individual needs of those from each segment of society, with the participation of the community and local authorities and regional, national and international bodies.

Specific Objectives

  • To inspire the community, society as a whole, local and national government to work together to provide dignity and respect and to value each individual from birth to natural death.


  • To challenge the public and private sectors to actively participate in the caring process and to fully protect the rights of the aged, minors, women in general and in particular those women who are single mothers.


  • To provide advice and suitable treatment in the areas of psychology, social work,   occupational therapy, education, nutrition and oral hygiene based on the care of the whole individual.


  • To support, sponsor and /or facilitate the application of ideas presented by persons or groups, whose proposals and aims coincide with those of our foundation.


  • To design and develop financing and co-financing initiatives, investments at national and international levels, required to finance and sustain the foundation, its activities and projects, using co-operative efforts, management of resources etc..


  • To realise actions and programmes which promote the return to work of the foundation’s beneficiaries.
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