The Foundation Renacer is a charitable organisation based in the United Kingdom and Colombia.  It started from an initiative to assess the requirements for the comprehensive care of senior citizens, as well as other groups of vulnerable people like children, teenagers and single mothers living in unsafe and risky situations in Colombia.


The Foundation Renacer was entered in the Register of Companies of England and Wales under the Register Act of 2006 under number 92096020 and The Foundation Renacer Fullness of Life (Fundacion Renacer Plenitud de Vida) in Colombia under  NIT Juridico No. 900824894-9.

Who we are

The Renacer Foundation is a charitable organisation, the concept of which  began as a dream scenario in London (England) in 2012. A group of volunteers had a vision of promoting public and social wellbeing with the aim of supporting the comprehensive care of people and recognising the family as the essential core of society, in particular the protection of the aged in conditions of vulnerability and risk, minors and single mothers .


We work  together with the collaboration and support of the Redime Association in Spain, a charitable association which works in the fields of  : Rehabilitation of victims of abuse in childhood, especially sexual abuse; Prevention of sexual abuse, Recruitment and Training of volunteers and therapists to run self-help or mutual assistance groups and Therapy and support for victims of maltreatment.



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